Amplitube™ PCR Reaction Strips with Attached Caps, Simport Scientific

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Amplitube™ PCR Reaction Strips with Attached Caps, Simport Scientific
Tubes PCR Tubes
This 0.2mL tube strip incorporates individually attached caps, eliminating the need to carry two separate components in inventory

This PCR reaction strip is available with either flat or dome-topped individually attached hinged caps. While easily opened and closed with one hand, their positive sealing will fully protect the contents from evaporation during the entire thermal cycle. The cap has an integral seal preventing contamination with the lid surface.

Designed for easier handling than single tubes, the strip will precisely fit standard well spacing and can also be used with 8-channel hand-held pipettors. They are manufactured under the most stringent conditions to attain the highest quality industry standards. Available in a choice of colorless or four non-cytotoxic and non-metallic color varieties. Packed in tamper-proof resealable bags. Autoclavable.

The strip includes 8 integral 0.2mL tubes with ultra-thin sidewalls and bottoms for more uniform and efficient temperature transfer.

Certifications: Certified RNase-, DNase-, Pyrogen-, and DNA-free.