Power Supplies, IBI Scientific

SH-500 SH-300
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Power Supplies, IBI Scientific
The dual output feature of the power supplies allow the user to run two gel boxes with the same programmed methods simultaneously. IBI offers two models of power supplies to meet your needs in the lab.

  • Units are compatible with most electrophoresis units
  • A power failure alarm will sound if power is lost, and the unit will automatically restart at set values

The units have an automatic crossover function that enables the user flexibility in controlling either voltage or amperage as a preferred chosen setting. The units are compact and lightweight maximizing your lab bench space and enabling easy mobility. Both units are equipped with a no-load function, ground fault detection, and current leakage detection for user safety in the lab.

The SH-300 and SH-500 Power Supplies are designed for use in the separation of DNA, RNA, blotting, DNA fragmentation, immunoelectrophoresis, and protein separations. The SH-500 is also designed for RFLP and preparative PAGE electrophoresis. The SH-500 also has a 999 timer that can be set in 1 minute increments, and the unique “Gel-Saver” function prevents diffusion of bands once the timed cycle has expired.

Delivery information: Includes power cord and product manual.