SCIENCEWARE® Cleanware™ Electrode Washer, Bel-Art

SCIENCEWARE® Cleanware™ Electrode Washer, Bel-Art
Electrolytes Electrode Storage Solutions
Provides a safe, convenient way to clean delicate pH electrodes in place without the risk of scratching or damage.

  • Safe and convenient
  • Polyethylene spray chamber construction
  • Easy to rinse electrode

The unit consists of a polyethylene spray chamber to surround electrodes, a 500 mL polyethylene reservoir that holds distilled water and a length of PVC tubing to drain discharge directly to the sink.

The electrode hangs into the spray chamber and with a squeeze of the reservoir, a spray of water rinses the electrode. The base of the system is 14 cm (51/2") diameter and the washer is 21 cm (81/4").