Orbitron V Rotator, Boekel Scientific

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Orbitron V Rotator, Boekel Scientific
Shakers and Mixers Rotating/Rocking Shakers
The Boekel 3D Rotator features a 3D gyrating motion

This unit features a variable speed from 5 to 120 orbits/minute as well as a timer that is settable up to 12 hours or you can run this unit in continuous mode. This heavy duty Rotator has a 20 lb. load capacity and works with the Boekel stacking tray for added capacity.

By simply adjusting the set screw, the user can adjust the tilt angle from 0° to 12°, in seconds, creating a gentle or vigorous agitation. This 3D gyrating motion along with the 12" x 12" square platform make it perfect for many different applications.

Ordering information: The Boekel 3D Rotator comes supplied with a flat 12" rubber mat. Available accessories include a 12" dimpled rubber mat and stacking tray (both sold separately; contact your representative for more information).