Microplate Thermoshakers, Boekel

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Microplate Thermoshakers, Boekel
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The Boekel Microplate Thermoshaker is available in a 2 plate or 4 plate model, accommodating two or four microplates or strip trays

Each of these models includes a calibration mode, timer with auto shut off and an LCD display with the ability to independently set the temperature, shaking speed and mixing duration. Each model is 12 V dc, 4.5A via 115/230V via AC Adapter making this a dual voltage unit available for use domestically or internationally.

The chamber in a chamber design provides for excellent stability while the heated lid provides for greater uniformity. The variable speed and wide temperature range make either of these units perfect for many different applications.

Certifications: AC Adapter is UL/CSA and CE marked.

Ordering information: 2 year warranty.