GeneMate 3:1 Agarose

MS-12-125G MS-12-25G
490001-610 490001-612
GeneMate 3:1 Agarose
Electrophoresis Gels Agarose and Acrylamide
GeneMate 3:1 Agarose is a molecular screening agarose designed to have a larger gel network than GeneMate Hi-Res and is recommended for use in separating DNA fragments smaller than 1000 bp

Like all GeneMate agaroses, GeneMate 3:1 delivers higher gel strength. At the same time, the gel is extremely firm but still flexible when handled, minimizing the danger of cracking or breaking. It has the same melting and gelling temperatures as standard agaroses, allowing faster and easier preparation of gels. GeneMate 3:1 is recommended for all analytical applications and can be used when DNA is recovered for subsequent use in enzymatic procedures. Excellent for blotting and for resolution of small DNA fragments.