RedTrack™ and GreenTrack™ Precast Agarose Gels

10-14-610RTAE30 BTA-10M1 10-08-107RTAE30 RDNA-6M5 08-08-107GTAE30 40-16-107RTAE30 20-14-610RTBE30 BTB-10M1 20-08-107RTAE30 RDNA-6M1 40-14-610RTBE30 08-14-610RTAE30 08-16-107RTBE30 20-16-107GTAE30 40-16-107RTBE30 10-16-107RTAE30 20-16-107RTAE30 20-08-107RTBE30
490005-996 490006-014 490005-994 490006-022 490005-988 490006-010 490006-004 490006-016 490006-000 490006-020 490015-012 490005-990 490005-992 490006-006 490006-012 490005-998 490006-008 490006-002
RedTrack™ and GreenTrack™ Precast Agarose Gels
New RedTrack and GreenTrack Precast Gels use newly developed staining substances to provide superior imaging without using ethidium bromide or unstable SYBR green

Yields high quality results. Significantly sharper bands than using ethidium bromide 10-50 times higher sensitivity to DNA/RNA with very clean background Requires minimal amount of DNA: as little as 1.7 ng per lane for genomic DNA and 4.0 ng for 10 bp Simple access for DNA recovery DNA/RNA bands can be ovserved within 15 minutes.

Provides consistent results. Undetectable DNase and RNase Consistent gel concentration. Eliminate gel handling-related contamination and damage. Avoids problems with SYBR green temperature stability. Universal Application. No need to change the filters. RedTrack Precast Gels can be analyzed with standard UV transilluminators and SYBR readers GreenTrack Precast Gels can be analyzed under SYBR readers, 254 nm UV transilluminators, or 488 nm laser based gel readers.

Buffers and dyes are Molecular Biology Grade.

RedTrack and GreenTrack stains showed undetectable mutagenicity and toxicity at working concentrations in Ames Test assaying. Four sided ultra-clear UV transparent tray ensures gel integrity and easy handling.