GeneMate Quanti-Marker 1 kb

C-5087-500 C-5087-200
490000-244 490000-242
GeneMate Quanti-Marker 1 kb
  • Accurate Size Determination
  • Optional Mass Determination
  • Room Temperature Stable
  • Each Band Represents an Exact Amount of dsDNA
  • Supplied in Ready-to-Use Form, 5 L per Lane, 810 ng of DNA
  • Supplied with a 5X Sample Loading Buffer
  • Provides Quantification of dsDNA on Gels

The GeneMate Quanti-Marker 1kb contains 14 regularly spaced bands, ranging from 250 bp to 12,000bp. The 1,000bp and the 10,000bp have the highest intensity to allow easy identification. As each band contains an exact amount of dsDNA, it is possible to achieve accurate quantification of sample bands.