Bioline PEAK™ Efficiency Competent Cells

C-5094-10X100 C-5093-10X100 C-5093-10X200
490005-974 490005-970 490005-972
Bioline PEAK™ Efficiency Competent Cells
  • Comparable to DH5alpha™
  • Available in Both Chemically Competent and Electrocompetent Formats
  • Readily Accepts Large Plasmids Due to deoR Mutation
  • Excellent for Subcloning and Library Construction
  • Efficient Blue/White Screening

PEAK™ Efficiency competent cells are appropriate for routine subcloning and cDNA library construction. In addition to supporting blue/white screening, the cells provide recAI and endAI mutations to improve plasmid DNA quality and minimize recombination. Includes pUC19 control plasmid for monitoring transformation efficiencies. Store at -70°C.

Library Grades have 109 efficiency. The Subcloning Grade has 107 efficiency.