Mo Bio Laboratories UltraClean® Large Scale Plasmid Prep Kits

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Mo Bio Laboratories UltraClean® Large Scale Plasmid Prep Kits
  • Large Format Silica Spin Filter Method
  • Same Reagents as Mini Prep Kit with Specially Designed Large Format Spin Filters
  • High Yields of Automated Sequence Quality, Super Coiled Plasmid DNA
  • Ideal for Isolation of Plasmid DNA from 250 mL of Bacteria Culture
  • Compatible with High Nutrient Media
  • Yield: 50 µg Midi, 1 mg Maxi

The UltraClean® Midi Plasmid Prep Kit is designed to isolate plasmid DNA from large culture volumes of E. coli. The Midi Kit uses the same silica spin filter technology employed in the UltraClean® 6 minute Mini Plasmid Prep Kit. Unlike other kits, this kit can be used with LB Broth culture and high nutrient broth culture at the following media volumes: up to 50 mL of an LB broth culture and up to 25 mL of a high nutrient broth culture. The UltraClean® Maxi Plasmid Prep Kit can be used with LB Broth culture as well as high nutrient broth culture media including Terrific Broth, TB DRY®, and 2X YT. The recommended starting volume is 250 mL of culture. The procedure is to lyse cells with an improved set of alkaline lysis reagents. The DNA is bound to a silica spin filter, washed once and released into a low volume of elution buffer. The DNA is concentrated enough to be used directly in automated sequencing. The DNA is also ready for restriction digests, labeling, PCR and other downstream applications.

50 mL silica spin filter tubes format. Alkaline lysis method. Binding capacity, Up to 1 mg per filter. Media volume: TB DRY, 250 mL, LB Broth 500 mL. Throughput 1-4 Samples. Time, 45 minutes