UltraClean™ Gel DNA Extraction Kits

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UltraClean™ Gel DNA Extraction Kits
The UltraClean 15-Minute DNA Purification Kit uses economical silica binding particles to extract DNA from agarose gels and enzymatic reactions

Rapid protocol enables purification of DNA from agarose gels in 15 minutes or from reaction solutions in 10 minutes. Flexible protocol allows batch isolation of up to 1mg of DNA from a gel.

The UltraClean GelSpin DNA Extraction Kit utilizes a silica-based spin filter membrane to isolate DNA from agarose gels. After electrophoresis, the desired DNA band is cut from the agarose gel and placed directly in the spin filter column. The kit uses a very simple technique to melt the gel, bind the DNA, wash it and recover it. The kit also removes all gel stains like ethidium bromide, SYBR® Green and xylene cyanol. The DNA is immediately ready to use for restriction digest, ligation, labeling or PCR.

Purifies DNA from agarose gels in as little as 5 minutes. Utilizes a simple method to remove ethidium bromide, linkers and labels from TAE or TBE gels. Simply melt, bind, wash, and collect DNA.

Purified DNA is immediately ready for use in downstream applications including restriction digest, ligation, labeling and PCR. After electrophoresis, the desired DNA band can be cut from an agarose gel and melted irreversibly in a chaotropic salt solution. Then the DNA is bound to UltraBIND silica particles in the presence of UltraSALT. The DNA/silica complex is pelleted in a microcentrifuge and the melted gel is discarded. The pellet is washed once and the concentrated DNA is collected in Tris buffer or water. The DNA is now ready to use.