GeneMate 1.5 mL Screwcap Microtube Graduated

GeneMate 1.5 mL Screwcap Microtube Graduated
Closures Test/Sample Tube Closures
Ultra Fast

Comprehensive configurations temperature ranges from -196 to 121°C and is not suitable for immersion in liquid nitrogen. Centrifugation is more than 20,000 RCF. The 2.0 mL tube has an orientation fin in the skirted base.

SSI screw tubes are routinely tested to over 20,000 g providing a safe and strong environment for your precious samples. Ultra Clear. Specially formulated medical grade raw material gives glass-like clarity making visualizing tube contents easy. Ultra Clean. Nonsterile tubes and caps are certified free from DNase, RNase, DNA and detectable PCR inhibitors. In addition, sterile configurations are certified free from pyrogens. SSI screw tubes can also be sterilized by autoclave. Ultra Versatile: With a huge variety of cap colors and several interchangeable styles as well as color coding discs, these tubes and caps make great storage vials which can be used in a wide range of environments including ultralow temperatures.