Labcon EcoDream Tip Loading Machine & Refill Packs

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Labcon EcoDream Tip Loading Machine & Refill Packs
Pipet Tips
With the EcoDream system, you can reload racks with research grade pipette tips in a fraction of the time it takes by hand

You will not only save time, but also eliminate plastic waste accumulation because all EcoDream packaging is recyclable. The EcoDream system reduces storage space requirements by up to 60% versus that of conventional racked tips and eliminates up to 90% of plastic waste in pre-racked pipette tip packaging. The EcoDream system is fully autoclavable and the convenient, neat packaging prevents possible contamination. The ExpressPAK™ refills eliminate the overwrap and spare rack supplied with a normal refill pack. Yellow, Blue, and Red loading machines fit all racks. Black loading machine fits 10 and 200 ul racks.