Labnet Enduro™ Horizontal Gel Boxes

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Labnet Enduro™ Horizontal Gel Boxes
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
  • Rubber gates for easy, tapeless gel casting
  • Adjustable height combs
  • Loading guides aid in well visualization
  • UV transparent gel trays
  • Quality construction
  • 1-year warranty

Enduro Gel Boxes have been designed with safety and ease of use in mind, molded from UV transparent acrylic, for leak-proof performance. Cassettes enclose the electrodes to protect them from breakage and allow for easy cleaning and replacement. Positioning slots on the sides of the trays hold combs in place while pouring gels. The supplied combs are 1.5 mm thick and are adjustable to control well depth. Each gel tray is supplied with a guide that can be placed underneath to aid in visualizing wells when loading. The domed lid and drip ring prevent condensation from falling onto the gel. The corrosion-resistant platinum electrodes are located in cassettes to protect them during cleaning and provide for easy replacement. The lids fit on the gel boxes in only one direction. A drip ring on the lid recycles condensed buffer and prevents it from dripping directly onto the gel.