Sartorius Vivaspin® 20

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Sartorius Vivaspin® 20
Vivaspin 20 centrifugal concentrators have been developed to offer increased volume flexibility and performance.

  • Twin Vertical Membranes
  • High Volume Flexibility
  • High Flux PES Membrane
  • High Retentate Recovery: > 90%
  • Universal Rotor Compatibility

Vivaspin 20 handles up to 20 mL in swing bucket centrifuges and 14 mL in 25° fixed angle rotors accepting 50 mL centrifuge tubes

“Pressure-fugation” is particularly suitable for difficult or viscous samples such as serum, or when using a low process temperature, which reduces filtration speed, and generally when minimum process time is essential. In one step desalting procedure following concentration, a diafiltration cup is filled with buffer and then spun one time to achieve 98% salt removal. This compares to the need for two spins to achieve the same result with the traditional refill and re-spin procedure. The constant washing action of the buffer solution in the diafiltration cup as it replaces solvent and salts as they pass through the ultrafiltration membrane improves performance.

Featuring twin vertical membranes for unparalleled filtration speeds, the Vivaspin 20 can achieve 100-plus concentrations. The remaining volume is easy to read off the printed scale on the side of the concentrator, and the modified dead stop pocket further simplifies direct pipette recovery of the final concentrate. Vivaspin 20 is available with unique accessories and operating methods that are designed to provide more process flexibility and further time saving. When an appropriate centrifuge is unavailable, or for single sample processing, Vivaspin 20 can be filled with up to 15 mL and then pressurized for bench top concentration. For even faster processing, gas pressure can be combined with centrifugal force.

Ordering information: The Air Pressure Controller comes complete with pressure gauge, regulator, over-pressure safety valve, female connector to Vivascience pressure products, one meter extension line (4 mm pneumatic tubing) with male and female connectors, and one meter of 6 mm inlet tubing.