Sartorius Vivacell® 100

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Sartorius Vivacell® 100
Vivacell® 100, the latest member of the Vivacell family, bridges the volume range between the Vivacell 70 and the Vivacell 250.

  • Easy to Handle
  • High Flux PES Membrane
  • Vertical Twin Membrane for Ultra-Fast Concentration
  • High Retentate Recovery > 90 %
  • Total Process Flexibility
  • Compatible with Swing-out Rotors

It combines the ease of use of centrifugal devices with the flexibility and control provided by pressurized ultrafiltration cells

For better process control, gas pressure can be combined with gentle orbital shaking. For highest simplicity of use with minimum equipment requirements, the device is pressurized and then left standing on a bench top or in a refrigerator. The concentrator features a vertical membrane that minimizes fouling while the built-in deadstop of 350 µL prevents concentration to dryness.

The easy-to-assemble Vivacell 100 requires no tubing connections or stirring mechanisms and can be adapted to equipment availability or to specific user preferences. For convenience, the units are simply spun in a large-capacity centrifuge (carriers accepting 250 mL bottles).