Sartorius Vivaflow® 50

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Sartorius Vivaflow® 50
The disposable, ready-to-use Vivaflow 50 crossflow cassette filters and concentrates samples from 100 mL to 3 L.

  • Thin Channel Flip-Flow Recirculation Path
  • No Need for Pressure Holders
  • High Flow Rate and Recovery
  • Disposable
  • Modular and Scalable to Six Units

The membrane surface per device is 50 cm²

Ideal for applications such as cell culture supernatant concentration, virus concentration, and water concentration, this economical product offers a standard of ease of use, reliability, and flexibility unrivalled by any laboratory filtration system in the market. The thin-channel, flip-flow recirculation path of the modules provides high crossflow velocities with minimum pump speed requirements.

One pack contains two devices and comes with all necessary accessories for running two devices with a laboratory pump and a size 16 pump head. For speeding up the concentration and increasing the volume throughput, six cassettes can be connected.

Ordering information: All Vivaflow 50 modules include a filtrate tube, size 16 peristaltic tubing, a flow restrictor, and fittings. The VF50 Tubing Kit includes 2 x 1 m; size 16 PVC tubing with inlet fittings, 2 x 50 cm; size 16 PVC tubing with 0.6 mm flow restrictors, and one series interconnector.