Advansta WesternBright™ Sirius HRP Substrate Kits


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Advansta WesternBright™ Sirius HRP Substrate Kits
Stains Molecular Biology Stains
  • Detect Low-Abundance Proteins
  • Low Background for High Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Long-Lasting Signal for Flexible Imaging
  • Image Chemiluminescence by CCD or Film, Image Chemifluorescence with laser-based Fluorescence with Laser-Based Fluorescence Imaging Systems

WesternBright Sirius is the most sensitive HRP substrate available from Advansta for chemiluminescent Western blotting. With attomolar sensitivity and a long-lasting signal, WesternBright Sirius allows you to detect bands not visualized with other substrates. High signal-to-noise and a large dynamic range make it ideal for quantifying low-intensity bands. And, chemifluorescence emission allows WesternBright Sirius to be imaged by fluorescence imagers in addition to traditional CCD imagers and film.

WesternBright Sirius is the most sensitive chemiluminescent HRP substrate offered by Advansta, specially engineered to produce an extremely strong signal to detect low-abundance proteins and to work with very low antibody concentrations. The substrate also produces a strong chemifluorescent signal that can be detected with fluorescence imagers.