Bioline Easy Ligation Kit

Bioline Easy Ligation Kit
Nucleic Acid Reagents Cloning Kits and Ligation
  • Cloning in Plasmid or Phage Vectors
  • Linker Ligation
  • Re-Ligation of Linearized Plasmids
  • Ligation of Double-Stranded Oligonucleotides into Vectors

This ligation kit provides rapid ligation for sticky-ended and blunt-ended DNA fragments. Ligation is achieved in 5 minutes at room temperature. The principal advantage of this kit is a powerful 4X buffer that delivers an improved enzyme activity for fast, efficient ligation at room temperature. The kit enables rapid ligation of fragments from most sources, including PCR fragments, plasmids, cosmids, genomic, phage and viral DNA. The time savings can be significant. The kit can provide 100% ligation of sticky-ended fragments between 100 ng and 1 µg DNA of EcoR V. The kit can also provide complex multi-fragment ligations. With this kit, the process will only take 5 minutes, as compared to traditional methods which require 16 hours at 16°C.

Rapidly ligates sticky-ended and blunt-ended fragments in 5 minutes at room temperature. Dramatically decreases the time required for DNA cloning. No loss in transformation efficiency into vectors. Contains powerful 4X buffer.