GeneMate Taq DNA Polymerase

C-5054-1 C-5054-2
490000-234 490000-236
GeneMate Taq DNA Polymerase
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Taq DNA Polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase, which can withstand prolonged incubation at high temperatures without a significant loss of activity

Specificity and performance of Taq can be further improved with the use of 2x PolyMate Additive (not supplied), which is designed for GC or AT rich DNA, "dirty" templates or sequences with difficult melting profiles.

Taq is cost effective for routine PCR. Purified Taq DNA polymerase. Robust PCR performance suited to a wide range of PCR assays. Leaves an 'A' overhang. Amplifies fragments up to 5 Kb. Red Taq has the same features as Taq plus it contains loading dye for direct agarose gel loading. Easy visual recognition. It's ideal for high throughput PCR.

Taq Master Mix is convenient pre-mixed, pre-optimized 2X solutions. Simply add water, template and primers. Reduced risk of contamination. Dramatically decreases the time required for reaction set-up. Reproducible results. Additional 520 mM MgC12 buffer included for fine tuning.

Hot-Start Taq has outstanding and robust performance. For PCR assays requiring hot-start. Convenient set up at room temperature. Leaves an 'A' overhang. Ultra-high specificity and performance.

Taq is purified from Thermus Aquaticus and is widely used in assays for molecular biology. Taq reaction products contain 3' adenosine residues and are ready for TA cloning.