GeneMate PlasmidGRO Broth

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GeneMate PlasmidGRO Broth
Optimized Media for cloning, Expression & Increased Plasmid Production of E developed a combination of metabolites and media components that allow for sustained and uninterrupted growth. The cells reach the log phase a bit slower and begin to utilize a secondary carbon source that is realized as a bi-product of early metabolism. Cell growth and plasmid replication continue even after cells in conventional media have reached stationary phase.

The media is specifically designed to optimize plasmid production and works exceptionally well with transformed cells such as DH5╬▒ DH10b, JM 109, XL1-Blue etc. It is typical to see a density 2-3 fold higher than achieved in LB media or similar formulation. The sustained post-log phase growth of bacteria also eliminates the need for constant OD monitoring. PlasmidGRO cultures left overnight or over 24 hours will have a much lower percentage of dead cells, and a higher percentage of plasmid DNA/cell, than cultures prepared with any other media.

The plasmid density is always higher than compared with standard media. PlasmidGRO is a proprietary blend of peptones, tryptones, yeast extracts, salts, minerals, sugars, amino acids, and buffers.

coli. PlasmidGRO® media is designed for obtaining rapid yet controlled growth of transformed E. coli, ensuring higher plasmid density. Conventional culture media reach an abrupt stationary phase that is totally dependent on exhaustion of metabolites and nutrients. The culture is further affected by the shift in pH and acetate build up. Cell multiplication stops, cell death and plasmid loss occurs.