Excel Scientific SealPlate® Films with SealPlate ColorTab™ Coded End Tabs

SP-IDB-100 SP-IDL-100 SP-IDG-100 SP-IDO-100 SP-IDR-100 SP-IDA-10
490007-348 490007-352 490007-350 490007-354 490007-356 490007-346
Excel Scientific SealPlate® Films with SealPlate ColorTab™ Coded End Tabs
Seals Microplate Seals
SealPlate ColorTab adhesive sealing films consist of 50 m thickness clear polyester. They minimize evaporation, prevent spillage and contamination between wells, and provide a secure seal for ELISA, EIA, and similar assays.

  • Color dots and white labeling area on end tabs
  • Second tab can be separated for lab-notebook insertion
  • End tabs can be left on plate even if center of sealing film is removed
  • Functional temperature range -40°C to 120°C

These unique sealing films include a color dot and white writing area on each end tab for plate ID labeling. End tabs with backing removed adhere to the ends of the plate and are perforated so they can be left in place to maintain plate identity even if the center portion of the sealing film is removed. Alternatively, one inscribed color-coded end tab can be removed and pasted in a laboratory notebook while the other remains on the plate for identification. Dimensions 79.4 x 146.1 mm for 96-well plates. Sealing films are supplied with five dot colors (lavender, orange, red, blue) in nonsterile single-color packs of 100 and in assorted packs (green, lavender, orange, red, blue) of 50 containing five individual-color packs of 10. Nonsterile. ColorTab is a trademark of Excel Scientific, Inc.