Excel Scientific EZ-Pierce™ Sealing Films

EZPS-25 EZP-100
490007-326 490007-324
Excel Scientific EZ-Pierce™ Sealing Films
Seals Microplate Seals
Easily pierceable, 70 m thick, polyethylene with acrylic adhesive, EZ-Pierce sealing films allow direct sample recovery with single or multichannel pipettors and robotic probes.

  • Easily pierceable with pipet tips or robotic probes
  • Inert, chemical resistant
  • Functional temperature range -40°C to 90°C
  • Printed alphanumeric template version simplifies well location

They are available with or without a printed 96-well alphanumeric template for easy well location. The printed EZ-Pierce sealing films also have color-coding dots and white marking areas on each end tab for plate identification. Dimensions are 82.6 x 142.9 mm for 96-well plates.