Diversified Biotech Titer-Tops®

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Diversified Biotech Titer-Tops®
Seals Microplate Seals
Multipurpose Pre-cut Adhesive Polyethylene Film.

Durable and thick (4.4 mil) yet easily pierced with a pipet tip. Prevents well-to-well contamination, sample spillage, and evaporation. Polyethylene film that provides excellent adhesion to plastic microplates. Non-cytotoxic, sterile, solvent resistant, and waterproof. Stays solidly in place even when exposed to 100% humidity and extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 100°C (not recommended for use in thermal cyclers). Chemically resistant and thermally stable. Easily marked with any writing instrument. Two scored end tabs for easy positioning. UV transparent down to 25 nm.