Excel Scientific Adhesive Sealing Films in Roll-Seal™ Format for Automation

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Excel Scientific Adhesive Sealing Films in Roll-Seal™ Format for Automation
Seals Microplate Seals
Excel Scientific now offers adhesive sealing films on Roll-Seal™ rolls for use with high-throughput automated microplate sealers.

  • Non-cytotoxic, highly gas permeable
  • Easily pierceable for sample recovery

These films are especially convenient when working with foils because they avoid curling that occurs with individual sheets. These films feature an easier peel for removal compared to many heat-seal films. High-precision dispensing with automated sealers allows for consistent positioning on plates. Film rolls, constructed on three-inch-diameter plastic cores, are compatible with most common adhesive sealers (Brandel, Thermo-Fisher/Abgene, FluidX, KBiosystems). Plastic cores eliminate corrugate fiber dust. The Roll-Seal format provides reliable and efficient sealing at a lower cost per plate with minimal user intervention. Robust static-free packaging provides protection during shipment and facilitates accurate alignment and adhesion.

ThermalSeal RTS™ high-vapor-barrier, clear polyolefin with ultra-strong pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive for qPCR, sitting-drop protein crystallization, HTS, storage and general incubation applications. DMSO resistant. Nuclease-, nucleic acid-, and pyrogen-free. Recommended for real-time PCR, sitting-drop protein crystallization, HTS and storage. Provides as strong a bond to the plate as heat-seal films without the drawbacks of heat. Temperature range: -70°C to 100°C. Roll dimensions (WxL): 79 mm x 65 meters (seals up to 540 microplates).

AlumaSeal® pierceable aluminum foil with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive for PCR, HTS and cold storage. DMSO resistant. Easily pierceable for sample recovery. Nuclease-, nucleic acid-, and pyrogen-free. Recommended for PCR, HTS, and cold storage. Temperature range: -80°C to 120°C. Roll dimensions (WxL): 80 mm x 100 meters (seals up to 830 microplates).

AeraSeal™ breathable rayon films for cell and tissue culture. Roll Dimensions (WxL): 81 mm x 100 m (seals up to 830 microplates).