National Scientific Microtube Racks

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National Scientific Microtube Racks
Racks Microtube Racks
  • Can be centrifuged
  • Stackable
  • Available radiation sterilized, and in colors

This system offers 1.1 mL MicroTubes or TubeStrips, Micro-Cap strips, and 8 x 12 hole MicroRacks. Design compliments multichannel pipettors and robotic work stations. Alphanumeric, non-reversing lid ensures positive sample ID. Lid, with individual condensation rings above each tube, prevents cross-contamination. Uses include harvesting of hybridoma culture supernatant, CMV and HSV testing, uptake and binding assays, and EIA/RIA serial dilution procedures. All components, except MicroCap Strips, are autoclavable.