GeneMate 1.2 mL Micro Dilution and Storage Tube System

703A-00-100IS 713B-S0-120IS 703B-00-200IS 703C-00-400IS 713B-00-120IS 713A-00-120IS 7033-S0-400IS 7033-00-400IS 7032-00-200IS
490003-316 490003-328 490003-318 490003-320 490003-326 490003-322 490003-314 490003-312 490003-308
GeneMate 1.2 mL Micro Dilution and Storage Tube System
Racks Microtube Racks
  • Serial dilutions using robotics or manual manipulations
  • Freezer storage of critical samples
  • RIA/EIA/ELISA procedures
  • Sample transport

Tube racks feature microtiter footprint and alignment guides for a wide array of consistent, reliable, and automated protocols. Recessed rack bottoms allow for safe and convenient stacking. Polyethylene caps are available for secure and convenient sealing of each tube. Available in 8- or 12-strip format, these caps require minimum insertion pressure to obtain a leak-free seal. Each cap is tabbed for easy handling and removal and caps can easily be snapped apart for single tube handling. RNase-/DNase-/pyrogen-free. 8-strip or 12-strip tube configurations. Bulk bags or 96-place racks. Alphanumeric identification for fast and accurate tube location.