MultiMax Recovery Barrier Tips

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MultiMax Recovery Barrier Tips
Pipet Tips
  • Ultimate design
  • Ultimate quality
  • Low binding resin
  • Versivolume tip fits on most 20, 50, 100, and 200 µL pipettors.
  • Sterile

It starts with a great pipet tip molded from premium virgin polypropylene. Rigorous QC standards and inspections before and during the manufacturing process yield pipet tips of the highest reproducibility and uniform fit, form, and functional performance. Ultima tips are designed to complement and complete the accurate dispensing of micro-volume samples that you do in your laboratory. So, the tips you get today will perform just like the tips you get tomorrow. All tips are DNase-, RNase-, pyrogen-, human DNA-, and PCR inhibitor-free.

Modified pure resins and advanced manufacturing techniques have yielded a major advancement in the surface retention characteristics of the Superior Recovery Barrier Tips. DNA adherence and sample loss due to surface binding seen on most other filter tips is reduced by at least 4-fold.

Your pipettor is protected from aerosol contamination by an inert, polyethylene filter matrix that takes potential contaminants out of the pipettor airstream. Superior Recovery Barrier Tips eliminate the potential risk of cross-contamination of discrete samples, and minimize false signals after enzymatic reactions and amplification of DNA and RNA templates.

The filter matrix is pure polyethylene, free from additives, particulates, or contaminants that can alter sample integrity. Should over-pipetting occur, your sample can be safely and easily retrieved.

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