MultiMax™ Pipet Tips

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MultiMax™ Pipet Tips
Pipet Tips
  • Certified DNase-, RNase-, and human DNA-free
  • Universal fit, compatible with most research-grade pipettors
  • Durable cell rack can be repeatedly autoclaved

It starts with a great pipet tip molded from premium virgin polypropylene. Rigorous QC standards and inspections before and during the manufacturing process yield pipet tips of highly reproducible and uniform fit, form, and functional performance. Tips are designed to complement and complete the accurate dispensing of micro-volume samples that you do in your laboratory. So, the tips you get today will perform just like the tips you get tomorrow. All tips are DNase-, RNase-, pyrogen-, human DNA-, and PCR inhibitor-free. Autoclavable racks are also available pre-sterilized. Every tip we manufacture is available in convenient, sturdy, rack packaging.

Pipette Tip Transfer System: An easy-to-use option lets you fill your empty racks quickly and easily. Simply pick up a full wafer with the tip transfer device and place it into the empty deck of the rack. The wafer snaps down on the deck to stay in place and out of your way. The Pipette Tip Transfer System saves over 70% on the plastic used in conventional packaging and minimizes necessary storage space.

TipStation:Five nested racks of 2 x 96 tips provide enhanced convenience and space-saving efficiency. Dual positioned lid covers and stores on the rack.

Bulk Packaging: The most economical format for purchasing the best tips, our bulk packaging component delivers tips to you in easy open/easy re-seal high-durability zip pouches. Always packaged as 1000 tips per bag. Bulk packs give you the quality tips you need in a high value format.