Labcon High Recovery™ Tips

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Labcon High Recovery™ Tips
Pipet Tips
  • Use for 32P manipulations
  • Ideal for enzyme mediated nucleic acid amplification
  • Use for handling of pathogenic samples
  • Free from RNase, DNase, endotoxins, pyrogens, and metals

The High Recovery Tip greatly reduces the risk of sample carry-over and contamination without sacrificing performance. These sterile tips will reduce your dependence on expensive positive displacement pipetting instruments. American manufactured and robotically packaged in a clean room environment, all are gamma irradiated to insure product sterility. All tips are supplied in sealed hinged racks with snap covers. All tips are universal fit and will accommodate Labpette, Sealpette, Pipetman, Titertek, Socorex, Oxford Benchmate, Eppendorf, and most other pipettors. Natural.