Labnet FastPette™ Pipet Controller

Labnet FastPette™ Pipet Controller
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  • Max aspiration rate 25 mL in 4.3 seconds
  • NiMH battery for 8 hours of continuous use
  • Cord or Cordless
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Ergonomic handle and controls
  • Precision Safety valve prevents overfill
  • Fully autoclavable nose piece, pipette holder, and filter
  • Dual speed range

Labnets FastPette Controller is a high performance motorized pipetting aid designed for cordless work with glass or plastic pipettes in the 1-100 mL range. The contoured, lightweight handle and comfortable pushbuttons guarantee effortless pipetting even during extensive use. Even the control switches are located within easy reach of the thumb.

Complete protection and safety: Safety valve prevents liquid from accidentally entering and damaging the device. To protect against cross contamination, filters and pipette holders can be easily replaced and autoclaved.

Convenient control: Set to HIGH speed, the FastPette can fill a 25 mL pipette in just 4.3 seconds! Set to LOW enables precise measurement of the smallest volumes. Dispensing can be carried out by gravity blow out. In addition, pipetting speed can be further controlled by the amount of pressure on the trigger buttons.

Always ready for action: A powerful, environmentally friendly NiMH battery enables up to 8 hours of continuous work. The FastPette is still fully operational during charging. The FastPette battery is automatically protected against overcharging by a timing and thermal system. There is no need to worry about leaving it charging for extended periods.