Jencons Powerpette Plus & Powerpette

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Jencons Powerpette Plus & Powerpette
The Powerpette features variable speed control on both intake and delivery mode and is accurately controlled by trigger buttons

A unique mode switch enables selection of one of three suction and dispense speeds. Suitable for all types of pipets from 1-100ml, the Powerpette can be used for delivery or blow out modes. Low battery warning light illuminates when 1 hour of usage remains. The Powerpette and Powerpette Plus give more than 8 hours of continuous dispensing without recharging. Unit is supplied with a recharger and space-saving wall holder. The Powerpette Plus operates in exactly the same way as the standard Powerpette but is designed in the conventional "pistol grip" style. The lightweight, self-contained design is suitable for large or small hands and incorporates a rechargeable battery. Powerpette Plus is supplied with recharger, and a compact anti-tip stand. Both units come complete with 2 each 0.45 ┬Ám filters (integral hydrophobic filters).Powerpette Plus is available in 5 colors plus gray. 1-year warranty