Labnet Labmax™ Bottletop Dispenser

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Labnet Labmax™ Bottletop Dispenser
The Labmax dispenser features a closed circuit air purging system for eliminating air and bubbles without loss of valuable reagent

The guard valve allows unused reagent to be drained back into the bottle and prevents accidental discharge when not in use. Leaking and the need for capping the discharge tube are eliminated. Quick and accurate volume selection is easy with the locking rocker switch and sprocket guide. When dispensing, the direct displacement teflon piston provides a smooth action and eliminates sticking and freezing. The integrated swivel neck allows the discharge tube to be directed 360 around the bottle for convenient dispensing. The Labmax is autoclavable and easily disassembles for thorough cleaning. Upon reassembly, the unit is self-calibrating.