8- Strip Ultraflux PCR Tubes and Caps

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490003-537CS 184.36 USD
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8- Strip Ultraflux PCR Tubes and Caps
Tubes PCR Tubes
Ultraflux PCR tubes are designed to precisely fit most thermal cyclers.

  • Convenient tube and cap combination packs
  • Secure evaporation-resistant seal between cap lid and tube
  • Ultra-thin wall for optimum heat transfer and higher yield
  • Tubes are pre-numbered for easy well identification
  • Crystal-clear clarity and easy to visualize content of each well
  • Ideal for enhancing signal strength for qPCR assays
  • Certified free DNase, RNase, and detectable DNA

Ordering information: GeneMate 96-Well PCR Tube Storage Racks are available separately.

Packaging: Tubes and caps are packed equally in one pack.