Gold Series Non-Skirted, Flat-well PCR Plates

Gold Series Non-Skirted, Flat-well PCR Plates
  • Compatible with most robotics and liquid handling systems
  • Alphanumeric labeled for quick sample identification and orientation
  • Slightly raised rims for maximum sealing
  • Alphanumeric-printed PCR plates
  • Thin wall design to ensure uniform, rapid thermal transfer
  • 100% quality control on each well of every plate
  • Certified RNase/DNase-free, non-pyrogenic, and human DNA/PCR inhibitors-free

The rigid, one-piece PCR UltraPlate provides optimal convenience and handling. Its design is suited for silicone/rubber sealing mats, adhesive sealing sheets, or standard cap strips. Complete sealing facilitates oil-free PCR and allows reaction volumes as little as 10 L, saving expensive reagents. The rigid design eliminates plat distortions and provides a dependable fit and thermal transfer resulting in reduced cycle times.