GeneMate Semi-Skirted, Low-Profile, ABI-Style, 96-Well PCR Plate

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GeneMate Semi-Skirted, Low-Profile, ABI-Style, 96-Well PCR Plate
Designed to fit popular PCR thermal cyclers such as the Perkin-Elmer 9700, MJ Research, Techne, and ohers. This is the maximum efficiency product for all high throughput laboratories especially those using robots and wishing to employ a bar coding system. The low-profile, low-volume 96-well plate for PCR reduces head space between the sample and the sealing system employed. The reduced headspace results in less temperature fluctuation of the sample and reduced condensation within the tube. Plates are packaged without cap strips and may be sealed with any of the sealing film products commonly available from BioExpress or any GeneMate cap strips. Manufactured from 100% pure virgin polypropylene, these PCR plate products are certified to be free of detectable DNA, RNase, DNase, and pyrogens. Most plates have alphanumeric pad printing on top. Certified RNase/DNase-free, non-pyrogenic, and human DNA/PCR inhibitors-free.

  • ABI-style
  • Designed to fit many thermal cyclers on the market
  • Unique shape to fit most ABI-instruments
  • Flat-top (no raised upper rim)
  • Easier sealing with films and/or strip caps
  • Ultra-thin wall for optimum heat transfer and higher yield
  • High contrast black alphanumerics
  • Rapid sample identification
  • Plates can be sealed with strip caps, sealing mats or sealing film
  • Crystal-clear clarity
  • Easy to visualize content of each well
  • Certified free from DNase, RNase, and detectable DNA
  • Compatible with most commercially available thermal cyclers
  • Available in white

Ordering information: Contact your sales representative for more color options and for full compatibility guide.