Benchmark Hotplates, Stirrers and Stirring Hotplates

H4000-H H4000-HS H4000-S
490005-864 490005-866 490005-868
Benchmark Hotplates, Stirrers and Stirring Hotplates
Stirrers Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers
All three available models are compatible with a wide variety of popular sizes of borosilicate glass beakers, flasks and bottles.

  • Large white ceramic top plate
  • Compact, 8x9" footprint
  • Three models available
  • Safety indicator LED's clearly indicate hot surface

These hotplates, stirrers, and stirring-hotplates feature an exceptionally durable, chemical resistant white ceramic work surface

Advanced microprocessor controls with convenient turn knows allow quick, precise adjustment and maintenance of speed and temperature.

The hotplate/magnetic stirrer model comes complete with a support rod for mounting thermometers and temperature probes.

Their space-efficient design makes them ideal for use on crowded benchtops and inside of bio-hoods and incubators.

Ordering information: Two-year warranty.