Akro-Mils Partitioned Petri Dishes

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490005-224 490005-212
Akro-Mils Partitioned Petri Dishes
Dishes Petri Dishes
  • Stackable, slippable dish construction
  • Convenient one hand operation
  • Ventilation ribs minimize condensation
  • Guaranteed sterile via gamma irradiation
  • Disposable

Guaranteed Sterilized via Gamma Irradiation Process. Precision and convenience,. Designed for simultaneous studies of organisms in common environments. Ideally suited for all automated filling and streaking equipment. Manufactured to the same exacting standards as our monoplates. High profile partitions minimize spillage from one cell to another during filling. Bi-plates provide a mechanical index feature, Isomark and side arrow. Tri-plates and quad plates offer the Isomark and side arrow. Product can be traced for quality assurance and sterility verification.