Lazy-L-Spreaders™ Microbiological Spreaders

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Lazy-L-Spreaders™ Microbiological Spreaders
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  • Unlike glass spreaders, durable polystyrene Lazy-L-Spreaders are non-breakable and pose no safety hazard
  • L-shaped for convenient "lazy" spreading; just turn the petri dish for smooth, even sample distribution
  • Smooth spreading surface and a slight upward turn reduce the chance that the spreader will dig into agar

Lazy-L-Spreaders disposable microbiological spreaders provide an economical alternative to bending glass rods or pipets for spreading samples on agar surfaces and filters in Petri dishes. They are supplied sterile -- no need to flame sterilize or autoclave.

Packaged in pre-sterilized pouches of one or 10 each
Pre-sterilization eliminates flaming or autoclaving and reduces risk of contamination
No more time spent bending glass rods or waiting for glass or metal spreadersto cool before use.