96-Well Nunc-Immuno™ Plates

96-Well Nunc-Immuno™ Plates
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Nunc-Immuno Plates are for ELISA techniques demanding uniform adsorption and exceptional optical quality

The plates are standard 96-well format (86 x 128 mm) with either a flat or "U" shaped well. Nunc-Immuno Plates are made of highly uniform, immunochemical-grade polystyrene. This promotes uniform binding properties from well to well and plate to plate. MaxiSorp™ and PolySorp® surfaces have different binding characteristics. The MaxiSorp is recommended for use in assays where glycoprotein (antibodies) are absorbed into the plastic. The PolySorp surface is recommended for adsorption of more hydrophobic proteins. Nunc-Immuno washers are designed to wash 96-well plates and modules. Autoclavable at 121˚C.