Accumax™ Cell Dissociation Solution

Accumax™ Cell Dissociation Solution
Cell Separation Media
Accumax has been developed to meet the most demanding needs for an effective cell aggregate dissociation solution.

  • Dissociates clumped cells in minutes
  • Results in single cell suspension
  • Gentle cell disaggregation for maximum cell viability
  • Yields accurate, reproducible cell counts
  • Use in flow cytometry sorting to prevent clumping
  • Declumps cells in magnetic particle separations
  • Non-prokaryote/nonmammalian

Accumax has been proven effective in dissociating clumped cells in suspension cultures of hybridomas, CHO, BHK, 293, and others. Accumax gently and rapidly dissociates cell clumps to yield single cell suspensions for accurate and reproducible cell counts. Accumax combines protease, collagenolytic, and DNase activities which maximizes its versatility for cell aggregate dissociation. Accumax does not contain mammalian or bacterial-derived products. Accumax is available as a ready-to-use liquid, quality controlled for in vitro cell culture applications.

Testing: Accumax has been extensively tested in research and biopharmaceutical laboratories. Cell Lines: Accumax has been shown effective in dissociating cell clumps in a variety of cell lines including hybridomas, CHO, BHK, 293, COS and Sf9 cells.

Application: Accumax performs exceptionally well in dissociating cell clumps for cell counting, viral transfection assays, cell sorting, and flow cytometry as well as bioreactor scale-up.
Formulation: Accumax has both proteolytic and collagenolytic activity. Each lot of Accumax is individually formulated to meet quality control standards. Accumax is supplied in Dulbecco’s PBS.