GeneMate Vacuum Storage Bottles

1181-RLS 1172-RLS 1177-RLS 1173-RLS 1182-RLS 1180-RLS 1178-RLS 1171-RLS 1176-RLS
490014-228 490002-958 490002-964 490002-960 490014-230 490014-226 490014-224 490002-956 490014-222
GeneMate Vacuum Storage Bottles
  • PES Membrane
  • Conveniently sold presterilized
  • Quick-Connect pedestal base or cradle ring allows for hands-free filtration
  • Forward-facing, large, raised graduation marks for easy reading
  • SECUREgrasp bottle technology
  • Available in 0.2 or 0.45 ┬Ám asymmetric membrane filter

The GeneMate Vacuum Filtration System is a disposable, sterile, vacuum-operated system used for the preparation of buffers, tissue culture media, microbiological media and other biological fluids. GeneMate filtration is available either as a complete system or as a bottle top filter. Both options have an upper filter funnel with a dust cap that contains a 0.2 m (sterilization grade) or 0.45 m (clarification grade) asymmetric PES membrane filter. Our membrane is low protein-binding and surfactant-free. The complete system includes a stable, SECUREgrasp bottle attached to the filter. Diameter measurement is for filter.