GeneMate Centrifuge Tube Filtration

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GeneMate Centrifuge Tube Filtration
Introducing the worlds first hands-free centrifuge tube filtration system for the sterilization of tissue culture and microbiological media, buffers and reagents, and other laboratory solutions

The hands-free filtration system works in conjunction with the GeneMate Quick-Connect Pedestal or cradle ring which have an on/off flow control. These two filtering options offer a permanent vacuum hose connection and minimize set-up time. Vacuum hose adapter allows direct connection to vacuum hose if a Quick-Connect pedestal or cradle ring is not available.

The GeneMate centrifuge tube filtration system avoids potential contamination by eliminating an unnecessary transfer to the centrifuge tube post-sterilization and risk of spills. PES Membrane.

Ordering information: Systems include sterile centrifuge tube and cap, 25 or 50 mL funnel with PES filtration membrane, funnel adapter (for the 15ml tube assembly), vacuum hose adapter, and dual centrifuge tube stand.