Media Bottles, Polycarbonate

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Media Bottles, Polycarbonate
Bottles Cell Culture Bottles
  • Molded seal ring inside cap firs tightly against bottle neck
  • Neck ring has smooth interior
  • No fluid entrapment
  • No back flow contamination
  • Optically clear graduation markings molded in
  • Beveled edges ensure easy grip
  • Fits most shaking incubators
  • Ideal for steam sterilization

These bottles are designed, so the entire bottle fits into most shaking incubators for direct culture applications. They are ideal for steam sterilization of biological, liquids, reagents, media, buffers and aqueous solutions. The base includes a molded-in resin code, a recycling code and the fill capacity. Bottles are packaged in a multi-barrier elastomer. Manufactured in a Class 10K cleanroom in an ISO 9001 compliant facility. Caps are autoclavable.