GeneMate Square Section Deep-Well Plates

775B-00-620IS 775A-00-620IS
490003-342 490003-338
GeneMate Square Section Deep-Well Plates
  • SBS Specification footprint and height
  • Conical base for maximum recovery
  • Free from DNase, RNase, and pyrogens
  • No detectable PCR inhibitors
  • Ideal for biological sample storage
  • Heat sealable

The 1.1 mL Well Plate has the same overall dimensions as the 2.2 mL plate, meaning minimal instrument set up when changing plates. The only difference is the depth of the 1.1 mL (half capacity) wells. In common with the 2.2 mL plate, the 1.1 mL plate is autoclavable.

Comprised of 96-wells, each of 2.2 mL capacity. The high volume capacity is a result of the square cross section wells, each also having a conical base enabling maximum liquid recovery. For identification simplicity the plate has a printed alphanumeric index. Autoclavable.

The silicon rubber square section mat is designed to provide a seal for the 1.1 mL and 2.2 mL deep well plates. In addition to being autoclavable, the mat is also readily pierceable so that sample can be drawn from individual wells without its complete removal from the plate.