GeneMate CryoFreeze® Cryogenic Storage Tubes

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GeneMate CryoFreeze® Cryogenic Storage Tubes
Vials Cryogenic Vials
GeneMate CryoFreeze® cryogenic storage tubes offer a secure and convenient environment for your samples with 11 internally or externally threaded tubes and caps

  • White writing area with black 100 L graduations
  • Cap inserts are color coded
  • Round base or self standing Stargrip base

Total quality assurance is central to our design and manufacturing philosophy. The CryoFreeze line brings a new dimension to ultra-low temperature storage.

Internally threaded tube caps have a silicon-rubber O-Ring for a secure, leak-proof seal. Ideal for vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezing.

Ordering information: The 1.8 mL externally threaded cryo tubes with round base do not accommodate cap inserts because the tube and cap have the same external diameter and are designed to fit in metal "canes" used for holding individual tubes in a Dewar.