Simport MultiRack™

S600-16Y S600-13B S600-30Y S600-13G S600-13O S600-30G S600-16L S600-13L S600-30Y S600-16O S600-30B S600-13O S600-30L S600-16B S600-16Y S600-13Y S600-16G S600-30G S600-16L S600-30B S600-16G S600-30O S600-13L S600-30O S600-13B S600-13G S600-30L S600-16B S600-16O
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Simport MultiRack™
Racks Microtube Racks
These MultiRack™ are ideal for use in incubators, refrigerators, freezers, under lab hoods and on benchtops.

  • Made of acetal polymer
  • Compact, lightweight, and stackable
  • Submersible and will sink and maintain stability without tipping over
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C for 20 minutes
  • Dimensions: 293×115×65 mm (11.5×4.5× 2.5")

The MultiRack™ is available in three models to accommodate a full range of laboratory test tubes and centrifuge tubes up to 30 mm in diameter. Made of highly resistant acetal, it will not shatter or stain in contact with most laboratory chemicals. There is no coating on the rack which could chip, peel, or rust in a water bath.

The MultiRack™ is made of three tiers to facilitate the insertion and stability of tubes. The base tier has rounded wells with drain holes. Convenient handles on each side of the rack will ensure a safe grip when carrying. Interlocking feet allow for stacking. Series S600-13 will accomodate all tubes up to a diameter of 13 mm. Series S600-16 will accomodate all tubes up to a diameter of 16 mm. Series S600-30 is ideal for accomodating up to 18×50 ml centrifuge tubes.

Ordering information: Available in five attractive colors.