GeneMate Floater™ Microtube Rack

GeneMate Floater™ Microtube Rack
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The Floater Microtube Rack is designed to perform a variety of functions

The floater has molded in buoys which provide exceptional stability in water baths. The rack is designed with an open bottom which allows ice in an ice bath to pack around each tube in the rack. In fact, it comes in its own hinged storage box which can be filled with ice and used as a self contained ice bath. Set the rack on the bench and it may be used as a standard working rack. The container for the Floater has our patented dual function hinge for those users who prefer lift off lids. Designed with 24 large holes for 1.5 mL tubes and 14 small holes for 0.5 mL tubes. The rack is molded from tough polypropylene and will resist the rigors of boiling or autoclaving.