Erie SoftGUARD® Barrier Hand Cream

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Erie SoftGUARD® Barrier Hand Cream
  • Compatible with latex, nitrile, vinyl, PCMX, CHG, and antimicrobial soap
  • Petroleum and mineral oil-free
  • Extra-strength antimicrobial preservative to prevent cross-contamination
  • Absorbs immediately, nongreasy, fragrance-free and pH balanced with the skin

SoftGUARD Barrier Hand Cream is specifically designed to help prevent irritation caused by latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves and frequent washing. SoftGUARDs barrier feature helps protect your skin from the chemicals and powder in the gloves. This same barrier also helps prevent irritation caused by frequent hand washing. SoftGUARD is completely non-greasy and absorbs immediately so you can easily slide on your gloves after applying the cream. Keep your hands healthy and chap-free despite frequent gloving and washing with SoftGUARD Barrier Hand Cream.