Diversified Biotech Tough-Tags®

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Diversified Biotech Tough-Tags®
Tough-Tags are chemically inert polyester labels that strongly adhere to all plastics and other materials. These labels will withstand autoclaving, boiling water baths, freezer temperatures, organic solvents, caustic agents and other challenges without peeling, cracking or falling off. For best adhesion it is recommended that siliconized surfaces be avoided.

  • Autoclavable/boilable/freezable
  • Thin-wall will not jam in centrifuge rotors
  • Chemically resistant
  • Temperature resistance: −40 to 121 °C
  • Will not dry out, fall off, or tear

Tough-Tags are pre-cut, peel-off labels which accept any marking instrument and are perfectly sized to fit microcentrifuge tubes and other containers in the laboratory. Tubes with Tough-Tags wrapped around them will still slide easily in and out of rotors without binding because the labels are thin and the adhesive does not migrate from behind the label even after boiling and autoclaving.